Best Bollinger Bands Settings for Scalping to Reduce Loss

There are many best ways and methods to be successful in Forex trading and the advanced technology helps people to learn about it. One method you need to learn is the best Bollinger bands settings for scalping. The term “Bands” are lines that running below and above the SMA or Simple Moving Average of prices. Bollinger bands are created using the standard deviation instead of the fixed percentages and the settings use 20-period from hours, days or weeks and 2 deviations in standard versions.

How to Reduce Loss in Forex Trading Using Best Bollinger Bands Settings for Scalping

Meanwhile, the top band is created by adding the 2 deviations to MA or Moving Average and the bottom band is created by subtracting the 2 deviations from MA or Moving Average. The Bollinger Bands will give the people a perfect way to visualize the markets since the bands expand dynamically when the volatility of the market increases and contract when the volatility or market decreases. The most important thing in this method is you have to keep your losses small and you need to win the trade big.

You need to make sure that the winning average is bigger than losses. However, when you use Bollinger Bands settings for scalping, the trader may get away with the winning trades are on the same size as the losses due to the percentage of winning are done perfectly. If your stops in trading are 10 pips, then you can take 10 pips of winnings. During the US, Europe and UK session, the markets move so much in some currencies which finding the pip move around 10 to 60 minutes and it is not so difficult.

If you want to learn more about this method, you need to know math and the math lesson about the standard deviation is important. This is the statistical measurement of the data amount inside the normal bounds. The outer Bollinger bands are the measurement of the standard deviations. So, if the price hits the bands, the price is at the unusual extreme. By knowing the best Bollinger Bands settings for scalping, you can reduce your loss in Forex trading and you can get more winnings.

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