Commodity Channel Index (Cci)

Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Explained |
Definition of the Commodity Channel Index . The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicator was originally developed for the commodity markets by Don Lambert in 1980. It has however found use in other markets including the forex market.

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Details. CCI relates the current price and the average of price over n periods. The CCI usually falls in a channel of -100 to 100. A basic CCI trading system is: Buy (sell) if CCI rises above 100 (falls below -100) and sell (buy) when it falls below 100 (rises above -100).

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The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is a price momentum indicator developed by Donald R. Lambert in 1980. It is designed to detect beginning and ending market trends. CCI represents the position of current price relative to the average of price over a recent period. Lambert discussed CCI in detail in a 1980 article in Stocks and Commodities V.1:5(120-122). The CCI usually falls in a channel of

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In this sense you may say that CCI is a MACD where Fast MA bar period is equal to one and where Typical Price is used instead of closing price. In addition the CCI is measured in absolute values. However, even the Commodity Channel Index is calculated in absolute values, its readings can drop below -100% and they can run above +100%.

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El indicador CCI (Commodity Channel Index) fue desarrollado por Donald Lambert. Es un indicador versátil que puede utilizarse tanto para identificar una nueva tendencia como para detectar condiciones extremas del mercado (sobre-compra y sobre-venta).

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