Standard Deviation (Stddev)

EntityFunctions.StandardDeviation Method (System.Data.Objects
The statistical standard deviation of the input collection. Attributes. EdmFunctionAttribute. Remarks. This function is translated to a corresponding function in the

Standard Deviation Formula in Excel | Calculate STDEV.P & STDEV.S
Standard Deviation is calculated to find out the deviation amongst a sample data taken from a large data set in regression analysis, for excel 2007 and older versions we had an inbuilt formula for standard deviation as STDEV but in excel 2010 and newer versions we have inbuilt formulas STDEV.P which calculates standard deviation based on a population or STDEV.S which calculates Standard

StdDev function | R Documentation
StdDev – portfolio standard deviation 2. contribution – individual asset’s contribution to a whole portfolio risk (standard deviation). The sum of all individuals contributions gives the portfolio StdDev 3. pct_contrib_stdDev – contribution in %. Basically, pct_contrib_stdDev = contribution / StdDev **There 2 functions are equivalent.

STDDEV Function :: SAS(R) 9.4 FedSQL Language Reference
The standard deviation is calculated as the square root of the variance. Null values and SAS missing values are ignored and are not included in the computation. You can use an aggregate function to produce a statistical summary of data in the entire table that is listed in the FROM clause or for each group that is specified in a GROUP BY clause.

STDDEV_SAMP and STDDEV_POP Functions – Amazon Redshift
The STDDEV_SAMP and STDDEV_POP functions return the sample and population standard deviation of a set of numeric values (integer, decimal, or floating-point). The result of the STDDEV_SAMP function is equivalent to the square root of the sample variance of the same set of values.

PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.1: Aggregate Functions
population variance of the input values (square of the population standard deviation) var_samp(expression) smallint, int, bigint, real, double precision, or numeric: double precision for floating-point arguments, otherwise numeric: sample variance of the input values (square of the sample standard deviation)

PHP: stats_standard_deviation – Manual
Parameters. a. The array of data to find the standard deviation for. Note that all values of the array will be cast to float.. sample. Indicates if a represents a sample of the population; defaults to FALSE.

stdDev – Ignition User Manual 7.9 – Ignition Documentation
Calculates the sample standard deviation of the values in the given column of the given dataset, or the standard deviation for a series of numbers specified as arguments. When looking up the standard deviation in a dataset, the column may be specified as an index or as a column name. Any null values in the column are ignored.

python – How to calculate mean and standard deviation given a
Note that there are three different standard deviation functions. From the docs the one I used ( stddev ) returns the following: Aggregate function: returns the unbiased sample standard deviation of the expression in a group

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